Memento Mori

A roll of the die,
A wicked choice,
A flip of the coin
Left for Fate to decide.
Are we bonded for life?
Souls mated in the hereafter?
A contract signed before we were
My mind is a awash with mysteries.

The questions go unanswered.

I do know that
My flame burns brighter
When you’re near.
My blood warms in my veins,
At the thought of you.
My heart races
And my Dreams are alive,
When your lips touch mine.

But I wonder,
If our wounded hearts
Could survive the impending storm.
Because when we are together,
We are fire and flames.
We are hurricanes and nightmares.
We are each other’s worst enemy.

Somehow though
In the darkness of the hour,
Your starshine light
My path.
Your breath on my skin,
Gives me life,
In this unlivable world.

You are the demon,
I welcome into my chaos.
You are the soul-stealer
That I give my all to.
You are the creature,
Poisoning me with your greatest

And I let you.

Because my heart is complicit
In your crimes.
Because my heart knows what
My mind never could.

That our love was sealed with
Dripping wax.
Born in hellfire,
Damned in the Underworld,
That calls us back home.

I reject all Earthly pride,
For you.
Let go of all egotism
And vanity,
Just for a kiss from you.

Because I remember that you are
What I need to live.
You are what I have to die.
You are the other half of me.

Art: Unknown


Published by Kim V Poetry

I've always had a passion for writing. In this crazy world that we live in, I find my solace in made up words and make believe stories. Let's escape into the void and forget about it all just for a moment or two.

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