Midnight Fears

You were kind,When I was broken. You held my hand,When I was afraid. So for you,I would give youEvery bit of my soul,Because you showedme how to live. And midnight isn’t as scaryAnymore,With you here,By my side. ©️KVPArt: SkullHeads Art by Gerrel SaundersContact: skullheads@gmail.comSong: “Goodbye,” Billie Eilish

Starry Night

Tonight I looked upAt a starry skyAnd wonder if youCan feel me think of you. Then the warm breezeCaresses my cheekLike you once did,And I remember it all. How you held me.How you kissed me,How you made myFear disappear likeSmoke in the air. My love,Though we are apart,We’ll always share nightsLike this. Because our loveLivesContinue reading “Starry Night”

Save My Soul

I surrender to you. For I am seeking salvationFrom my dampened dreamsAnd recurring nightmares. Because I’ve been cloakedIn echoes of the past,Masked in misconceptionsAnd sleepless nights. Left to be buried with undriedTears,And an undying heartbreak. I want you toSave my soul,Because I want to seeTomorrow. I want to be lostIn this moment,In crystalline cascades,And diamondsContinue reading “Save My Soul”