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Hi! I’m Kim V. Poetry. I was born in Virginia and raised in Texas by my grandparents. I’m a Navy Veteran, who decided to follow in my father and grandfather’s footsteps and serve my country. I write dark romantic poetry and short stories.


  • Dreamworld


    A full moon aboveAnd midnight is calling.I hear your voiceIn the breeze. You tell me ofPretty things,And how muchYou want meAnd how theNight sings for me. I see you in my dreams,And I’m chasing shadowsOf yesterday and what weCould be. I long to taste the sweetnessOf the wicked love you’ve shared.So I’ll stay in myContinue…

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  • Sweetest Melody

    Sweetest Melody

    Perhaps I’ve been dreamingToo much,Because I still feel your phantomKisses on my skin. Because I still hear my name in yourSweetest melody. You call to me in a voiceThat sounds like rainAnd I long to be drenchedIn it. Oh, that you could be mine,My wishes would be fulfilledAnd the moon would’veSmiled on me again. Oh,Continue…

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  • Take Me Higher

    Take Me Higher

    My soul couldn’t beCaged by society’s closets. I couldn’t be restrainedBy the moral fetters onMy wrists. Because my heart,Though torn and delicate,Knows no boundariesOr no limits. So I ask you,Show me the true coloursOf your love. Show me where truth and beautyShall together thrive,And I will join you there. Because I would gladlyMeet you inContinue…

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  • Make Me Yours

    Make Me Yours

    Use this poemAs my prayerFor mercy.Because yourStolen kisses,Have made me a prisoner. My restless nightsCan only be calmedBy your kiss.My blinded sightMade to see,Because of your touch. So free me,Or make me yoursForever. ©️KVP Art: Courtney Knowles, Death and Bloom Art UKWebsite: https://www.etsy.com/shop/DeathandBloomSong: “Blood on Your Hands,” Veda

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  • Happy Sunday

    Happy Sunday

    Happy Sunday, my loves 💜🖤💜How was your weekend? Mine kind of flew by. I didn’t nearly get as much rest as I needed! Next weekend, I’ll make that a priority. Now, for the quote of the week, I chose this one because it’s one of those lessons I had to learn. One I’m, in fact,Continue…

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  • A Beautiful Adieu

    A Beautiful Adieu

    Curve the heartacheThat lingers in me. For I am lost to timeAnd broken memories. Visit me again in our secret realm,Because you have the sun in your eyesAnd you see my dawn soClearly. For this, I love you beyond words,Beyond linesBeyond phrases.Because you love myMidnight mysteries. Find me,For I’ve lost my way again. Somewhere betweenContinue…

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