I Dreamed That You Were Mine

In the fragile silenceOf the night,I closed my eyes,And you were there. And I dreamed thatYou were mine. I dreamed that you were mine,And the echoes of sadnessThat clung to my skinWas finally gone. Erased with a kissFrom your soft lips,And your handCaressing my cheek. I saw you,In the midnight hourAnd I knewI was destinedToContinue reading “I Dreamed That You Were Mine”

Tender Touch

I haven’t knownA tender touchIn so long,That I almostForgot what itFelt like. I haven’t heardA tender, loving word,In so long,That I almostForgot what itSounded like. But you showed upOut of nowhere. A moment,Unexpected andUnexplainable. My love,Where did you comeFrom? How did you knowThat I needed you? You, a breath of freshAir in the night. TheContinue reading “Tender Touch”


Sleepless nights,Tossing andTurning. My dreams are fullOf you. Every smileYou ever smiled. Every kiss onMy neck. You color everyRolling field,Every flowerThat blooms. Every time you cry,In these dreams of mine,My heart breaks. For I cannot reach you,And you are untouchable,Like the distant diamond sky. Betrayed by a heart of stoneAnd a distance that is tooContinue reading “Untouchable”