Recreated Paradise

The song plays again,And I’m transportedBack to a time whenI was hypnotized by loveSongs and longingThoughts of us. I wanted to be consumed within.I wanted to be consumed by you. For I knew,That though love has itsThorns,And I would suffer thePain,In the end,You would be the cure to takeIt all away. Because in your eyes,IContinue reading “Recreated Paradise”

Letters of a Poet

When you touched myMind,I saw glimpses of what couldCome. I saw past and futureMolded into oneLiving, breathing entity. And it was bothA joyous beginningAnd a beautiful disaster. With your touch,I saw every word I never wrote.I saw dreams I’d never had. I saw two heartsBeating instead of oneAnd it was lovely. My world was dark,CloudedContinue reading “Letters of a Poet”

Walked Through Hell

Feel me as night fallsAnd watch the poetry meltAround us. Kiss me as softlyAs the sheer moonlightAnd hold me in your arms. For tonight,I dare to dreamOf drowning in your moansAnd cleansing myselfIn your soul. Tonight,I dare to dream of the starsWashing over us,And taking away all ofOur sins. Because we’ve walked,Hand in hand,Through theContinue reading “Walked Through Hell”