A Star with Sinful Secrets

A chance meeting. A stranger becomesA friend becomesA lover. You’ve read me,Cover to coverChapter after chapterAnd soothed my callused soulWith your melody. I can see the musicOf our story,Whimsical and pure. I can taste the poetry of itLike a high noteOn the tip of my tongue. To them,It’s just a love song,But to me,It’s soContinue reading “A Star with Sinful Secrets”


Lovestruck betweenThe pages of the dark romance,You’ve written for me. I fall in love with each word,And hang on to every phrase. With a stroke of your pen,You’ve bled our soulsOnto every stanza,And dipped your quillIn our blackest shadows. You’ve written my secretsIn various colors of lightAnd dark.Illustrated my sadnessAnd my triumphs,Like you lifted thoseContinue reading “LoveStruck”

The Poetry of Confessed Sins

From what I remember,This is how you fall in love. Not like a fairytale thatYou’re told at bedtime. Not how the love songsOn the radio describe. No, you fall in loveBecause you can’t sleepWithout them next to you. Hearing their heartbeatQuicken in their chest,Because of you. Laying in bed,Staring up at the ceiling,Sharing fears andContinue reading “The Poetry of Confessed Sins”