Don’t Want Much

I don’t want muchJust a little bit of your time,A little bit of reassuranceAnd a little bit of your patience. I don’t want muchJust the moonlightAnd summer starsAnd your hand in mineAll night long. I don’t want much. I just want you. ©️KVPArt: Courtney Knowles, Death & Bloom Art UkWebsite: “Ceilings,” Lizzy McAlpine

Out of the Shadows

I think it’s time I stepped out ofThe shadows,To experience the magickI seek. It’s time to assuage my anxieties,And cast aside my fears,Because I’ve never really tried to fly. I have attempted to chase daylight,But my ankles were shackledTo my nightmares. All because,I wanted to see tomorrow’s sun,Without fighting the ghostsOf my past. I’ve wrestledContinue reading “Out of the Shadows”


You asked meOnce what I wanted. And I struggled to tell you. I could never find the wordsTo show you,That I can’t live without you. I could never find the wordsTo describe how you keepMe from the darknessThat calls to me. But when you left,I shouted them fromThe rooftops. I screamed untilMy throat was raw.Continue reading “Memories”