The Silence of a Poet

Her tears bleed nakedInto the ink.Blurring the words and theLines together. The room is quiet,Just her jumbled thoughts,And the light scratchingOf pen to paper. ThinkingBreathingDying on the page. It is the silence of poetAnd the horror of herBroken heart thatSeeps into every phrase. She seeks absolutionShe seeks peace. Perhaps when she comes toThe end,She willContinue reading “The Silence of a Poet”

Words Written for You

All I have leftAre my words. Words written for you.Because of you.About you. Simple wordsWeighted heavilyWith love and tearsPain and triumph. Simple wordsWritten to easeOr uplift,To be lost inTo fall in love with. Words as gentleAs a lover.And beautiful as theNight. All I have left are my wordsAnd my dreams,Because when everythingElse is gone,I knowContinue reading “Words Written for You”

A Little Whisper

It begins where all stories begin.With a thought.A hopeful idea.A little whisper after the moon rises. But as the clock ticksAnd the hours fly by,The whisper becomes a voice,So clear,So rich,So true. It tells me of things I want to hear.Things I’ve fantasized about.Things I’ve asked the moon for. It tells me of you. TheContinue reading “A Little Whisper”