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And when she left, my world was dark and gray. It was cold and brutal. Violent in its disdain for me. When she left, my world was without its beauty. It was without its peace. And I was afraid for the first time, Because I was alone. But I could still feel her in my… Continue reading Shadows

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"Do you know what it is to love, When you have never loved before? The touch of it beneath your fingertips. The taste of it on your tongue. The feeling of living and dying at the same time. For me, time melted away. The people in between us just disappeared. I saw no one else… Continue reading Creature

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I was in love once. With a person who didn't see my value. My mind was wrecked, my heart was broken. My spirit was ripped in two. Then I saw myself in the mirror, one day. I realized who I really am. A Queen amongst Queens. Royalty in bloom. A Chieftain in full display. Too… Continue reading Love