Walked Through Hell

Feel me as night fallsAnd watch the poetry meltAround us. Kiss me as softlyAs the sheer moonlightAnd hold me in your arms. For tonight,I dare to dreamOf drowning in your moansAnd cleansing myselfIn your soul. Tonight,I dare to dream of the starsWashing over us,And taking away all ofOur sins. Because we’ve walked,Hand in hand,Through theContinue reading “Walked Through Hell”

Midnight Fears

You were kind,When I was broken. You held my hand,When I was afraid. So for you,I would give youEvery bit of my soul,Because you showedme how to live. And midnight isn’t as scaryAnymore,With you here,By my side. ©️KVPArt: SkullHeads Art by Gerrel SaundersContact: skullheads@gmail.comSong: “Goodbye,” Billie Eilish

Conversations with the Moon

She writes sad poetryBecause her heart aches,And is filled to the brimWith what used to be. She spends her nights,Talking to the moon,About life and love. Because she has notForgotten what it feelsLike to have them in thePalm of her hand. She has not forgotten you. Because it was in the kiss,In the way youContinue reading “Conversations with the Moon”