Without here you,I have no one to shareMy secrets with. No one to brush theHair away from my eyesWhen I cry. No one to cross the starsWith every night. Without you here,I have to pretend. Pretend that I am alright,With a smile and laughThat doesn’t belong to me. But, I’m just the broken oneWith anContinue reading “Flowers”

Because You Live

Because you live,Our love existsWhere the heavens have no end. Between galaxies of dreamsAnd constellations of memories.Dipped in stardust,With a touch of magick. Our love extendsPast the reaches ofThe mind,In the deep wells ofLonging and pain. We are a long-forgottenSong,Who’s lyrics still live in theConsciousness of yesterday. There is no one here,In the ashes andContinue reading “Because You Live”

Ocean of Souls

We are collectivelyAn ocean of soulsFilling streams of dreamsWith thoughts of the future. But as time silently escapesI wonder about the oneWho is so far away. I wonder, in the darkness ofThe new moon,Do they think of meAnd every word weSaid to one another. Secrets shared underThe bleeding willowsAnd sparkling stars. Words like poetryPressed toContinue reading “Ocean of Souls”