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One Last Kiss Goodbye

I had lost myself in the painOf forgotten dreams.I had lost myself in the darknessOf the night.But there you stood,On the threshold ofMy grave. Black roses in your handAnd dried tears on your cheeks.You were like smoke in mirrors.A welcomed apparition,Tasked with taking me home. My past burned in my mind.I was unable to let… Continue reading One Last Kiss Goodbye

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Of Fate and Magick

I hear your whispers in every sadSong.I feel your presence in everyTear I shed.I breathe in your scent in every memoryI hold. The skies open up and the starsStream through,And I know that you’re somewhereThinking about me.My heart aches at the distance,But in my dreams,We are together.Flourishing and breathingLight and dark into the void. Secret… Continue reading Of Fate and Magick

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Memento Mori

A roll of the die,A wicked choice,A flip of the coinLeft for Fate to decide.Are we bonded for life?Souls mated in the hereafter?A contract signed before we wereStardust?My mind is a awash with mysteries. The questions go unanswered. I do know thatMy flame burns brighterWhen you’re near.My blood warms in my veins,At the thought of… Continue reading Memento Mori

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Love: A Simple Wish

I could love you more. More than the sunsetsAnd all the sunrises,In all the realms.More than the MoonSmiling down sweetlyOn my Shadow self. I could love you more. More than dewdropsOn sleepy roses in the SpringtimeAnd more than the rainDripping lazily down my cheeks. I could love you more. More than the mountains sighingIn the… Continue reading Love: A Simple Wish

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Dangerous Ones: A Halloween Lullaby

We are the dangerous ones. The ones who dance under a blanket of stars and sing to the Moon.No need for a savior,Our sins are balancedOn the scales of Justice,And they outweigh everyOunce of good left in us.No Saints need apply,Because we are the dangerousOnes;The ones no longer afraid of theMonsters lurking in our memories.… Continue reading Dangerous Ones: A Halloween Lullaby

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Magick and Fire

You are the night,So cloak me with your stars.Breathe life back into me.Bathe me in your darknessAnd caress me with yourMidnight kisses.Fill me with your magick.Fill me with your fire. Because I love you so. You are vital to me.Like the blood in my veinsAnd the bones in my body.You are the sweetest nothingsIn my… Continue reading Magick and Fire

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Gods and Monsters

A divine interventionA meeting of two lost souls.Hopeless romantics,Tragic and doomed.What is this?Who are we? You are the antidote to the toxin flowing through my veins,Saving me, like you always do.The uncontrollable fire that melted thisFrozen heart,The one that keeps me warm on myColdest nights.A howling wolf to my pale moonlight,Lonely but never alone.Oh, how… Continue reading Gods and Monsters

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Heart 2 Heart

My heart blossomed,In the dirty soil between the cracks.LonelyAnd unlovedIt grew,Waiting for someone like you. Through the rain and theLightening,Through the painAnd the weariness,This heart grewSmaller and smallerLosing hope that you would come.Losing hope in love, itself. And then one nightI saw you inThe light of the Full moon.Budding in the cracksBesides my own. I… Continue reading Heart 2 Heart

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Dancing in the Moonlight

You live in the place beyond.Far from my reach.You live in a place where I cannot go. In a place where my words,You may never read.In a place where my voice,You may never hear. I long for you every night, anyway.I long for love.I long for passion.I long for hope. In another life,You’d be mine.And… Continue reading Dancing in the Moonlight