The Poetry of True Love and Pain

It’s quiet,And we’re alone,With no one hereTo stop us from ourMidnight fantasies. The only sounds thatReverberate off the wallsAre the beating of our heartsAnd heaving breaths we take. My arms wrapped aroundYour body,Your hands traveling overMy skin.I’m set aflame by your eagernessAnd your desire, therein. Amid all of our passion,My thoughts turn to our storyAndContinue reading “The Poetry of True Love and Pain”

Rule My Nights

Missing the wayYou repeated myName to the moon,Like I was an eveningOrison. Missing how we madeLove in the rainAnd watched the sun revealItself to us in the morn. But now I’m lying awakeStaring at the ceilingtill dawn shines its lightThrough my window. Shadows dancingOn my wall and ISee your face in all of them.Smiling atContinue reading “Rule My Nights”