A Star with Sinful Secrets

A chance meeting. A stranger becomesA friend becomesA lover. You’ve read me,Cover to coverChapter after chapterAnd soothed my callused soulWith your melody. I can see the musicOf our story,Whimsical and pure. I can taste the poetry of itLike a high noteOn the tip of my tongue. To them,It’s just a love song,But to me,It’s soContinue reading “A Star with Sinful Secrets”

My Favorite Kind of Madness

Our story is a dark fairytaleWith tragic beginnings. A mythical loveWith moments of woeAlong the way. Cursed, fated,Bewitched and star crossed,We’ve had losses, incomparableAnd tears of hope. We are in each other’s blood,Angel of mine.Fully ingrained in each other’sNightmares,As a beacon of safety,A place of refuge. We have endured so muchPain,You and I. That IContinue reading “My Favorite Kind of Madness”

All I Want

When the night air grows cold andLonely,I think of you and our safe placeBack home,Far from all the noise,And the strain of the outsideWorld. Where in my arms,Two became one,And our embraceSoothed my soul. I’ve been on thisLonely journey nowFor so long without you,That I fear,I’ve lost what it feelsLike to love. What it feelsContinue reading “All I Want”