What is this?This feeling that grows? This danger that I keepRunning to. Is this love?Or something else? Because I see you everywhere,In everything. Chasing me. Haunting me. My dreams areAll of you. You have me in a vice grip,Imprisoned inImpeccable chains. My words are yourWords.I speak what you speak. When my penDrags along the paper,ItContinue reading “Breathe”

Fragile Beauty

I am under no midnight illusions.For I know where my heart lies. It doesn’t lie in the sunlightOr in a valley of lilies. There are no pretty princesFor caged princesses here. There’s dangerAnd wickedness. There’s wintry nightsAnd summer shade. Because I am sin,Cloaked in mulberry twilight. I am despair,Dressed in delicateDahlias. I have been weakAndContinue reading “Fragile Beauty”

Lovers Never Die

I fell in loveWith a memory. A memory of cold nightsMade warm. I fell in love withPast thoughts;Beautiful dreams,I wished to come true. I fell in love withThe softer sideOf your demons.Because their secretsSpoke to my own. You see,I am just a simpleCreature,Craving love andAffection.Gentleness andUnderstanding. A simple creatureWhose shadowsAre darker thanAny rescuing lightCould shineContinue reading “Lovers Never Die”