Ocean of Souls

We are collectivelyAn ocean of soulsFilling streams of dreamsWith thoughts of the future. But as time silently escapesI wonder about the oneWho is so far away. I wonder, in the darkness ofThe new moon,Do they think of meAnd every word weSaid to one another. Secrets shared underThe bleeding willowsAnd sparkling stars. Words like poetryPressed toContinue reading “Ocean of Souls”

Mark Me Yours, Always

I see it,The true colorsOf the sunIn your eyes. Feel its warmthIn the taste ofYou. Don’t leave me hereTo crave your touchAnother minute longer.Mark me yours,Always. ©️KVPArt: “Love”, Invader Girl ArtPrompt:“Mark me yours, always” loveletters prompts @wilder_rose_ .“True colors” rahprompts @rah.emotions @richardvelez92

Rule My Nights

Missing the wayYou repeated myName to the moon,Like I was an eveningOrison. Missing how we madeLove in the rainAnd watched the sun revealItself to us in the morn. But now I’m lying awakeStaring at the ceilingtill dawn shines its lightThrough my window. Shadows dancingOn my wall and ISee your face in all of them.Smiling atContinue reading “Rule My Nights”