Mark Me Yours, Always

I see it,The true colorsOf the sunIn your eyes. Feel its warmthIn the taste ofYou. Don’t leave me hereTo crave your touchAnother minute longer.Mark me yours,Always. ©️KVPArt: “Love”, Invader Girl ArtPrompt:“Mark me yours, always” loveletters prompts @wilder_rose_ .“True colors” rahprompts @rah.emotions @richardvelez92

Before I Forget You

Let me spend anotherMoment under a midnight sun,So that I may have another kiss,Another touch,Another evening with you. Because when you are goneAnd I catch eyes with the stars,I see every bit of your face. I discover my future and my past,In the constellations of your smile. You haunt my dreams like aSpecter,Fashioned from theContinue reading “Before I Forget You”

I Remember You: Part II

The rain has lost its soundAnd the wine its flavor.The moon has lost its glimmerAnd the air doesn’t taste asSweet. And the ache from the nightBefore serves as a reminderOf the love we shared. I touch my lipsAnd remember youThere.Remember your growlAgainst my ear.Remember your touchOn the small of my backAnd the way you setContinue reading “I Remember You: Part II”