A Return to the Night

I loved you,Once. When the blood moon was highAnd the snow drifted downFrom the heavensLike fallen stars,I loved you. When the seasons fadedInto one anotherAnd time seemedEndless,I loved you. When the tears I never cried,Flowed mercilessly one nightAnd I felt as though I wereAdrift in the mist,I loved you. When my heart ached and brokeIntoContinue reading “A Return to the Night”

Stardust and Fate

The distance in your eyesCompounded withThe fault in the stars,Your pain paintsFor face andPours fromYour lips. You tell me all the thingsThat’s made you this way.The tragedies,The tears,The hurt that’s shapedYour being. You open me upAnd pen your worstFears on my skin,Use me like I’m your diary,To ease the ache. You lose yourselfIn my soulContinue reading “Stardust and Fate”

The Fire: Devoured & Ravished

When the sky fallsAnd the world burns,I want to be there to watchIt with you. I want to make loveWhen the moonMoves out of sight,In the sinister shadows,As the Earth smoldersUnder our feet. Because we are no longer afraidOf the pain that rages in our veins.We are no longer prey to those thatHave hurt us.WeContinue reading “The Fire: Devoured & Ravished”