The Fire That Burns at Midnight

You came out of the skyLike a moonbeam,Lighting up the hiddenParts of my mind.Giving way to the secretsI’ve kept only to myself. Like a ghost haunting meAnd consuming all of my thoughts,You possess everyPart of me,And it brings me to my knees. The want for you grows strongerIn my veins.The desire for your kissAnd yourContinue reading “The Fire That Burns at Midnight”

A Night Lost in the Darkness

I had forgotten theSound of your voice,And too much time hadPassed since I hadHeard you say my name. I wanted to be able to thinkAbout youWithout gettingMy heart brokenAgain.But every fiberOf my being tells meThat our story is notOver. I’m haunted by the thoughtsOf you and me,Sharing love and bloodOver the grief, we’d endured.The rosesContinue reading “A Night Lost in the Darkness”

What Lived in the Shadows

I begged you not toFall in love.Because what lived inThe shadows,Were haunting reflectionsOf my tears. I told you not to die for meBecause my cursed soulIs unworthy. But should you choose toLive for me,I may just acquiesce. I’ll reach from beyond the veil ofDarkness and bring youBack to me. Because my love is borneOf nightmares,ShapedContinue reading “What Lived in the Shadows”