All I Want

When the night air grows cold andLonely,I think of you and our safe placeBack home,Far from all the noise,And the strain of the outsideWorld. Where in my arms,Two became one,And our embraceSoothed my soul. I’ve been on thisLonely journey nowFor so long without you,That I fear,I’ve lost what it feelsLike to love. What it feelsContinue reading “All I Want”

In the Shadows

What blossomsIn the shadowsIs passionate and dark. Secrets held betweenKnowing smiles. Feelings that have beenTrapped for so long,Burn slowly under theSurface. Every time you whisper myName,I feel the very blood in myVeins dance. In truth,I think of youToo much,And kiss you too little. And I yearn for moreOf you completely. Cursed,Hopelessly devoted,And desperate forYou,My daysContinue reading “In the Shadows”

We Could Just…

We could just get lost,In each other’s arms,And make loveTo our favorite song. We could just get lostIn each other’s eyes,Drowning in oceansOf memories with flecks of gold. We could just get lost,In the void,Hopelessly addicted toThe sounds we make. We could just get lost,Kissing and touching,Deep into oblivion. We could just get lost,In eachContinue reading “We Could Just…”