Shades of November

Do you rememberWhen time didn’t flyAt the speed of lightAnd the nights wereLike the whispers of Winter? I can still see the frosted tearsOn my window,Of moments gone by,From when you and IWere in love. We kissed under aGolden,And it tasted of gratitudeAnd stardust. We loved in the colors ofNight and in all of theContinue reading “Shades of November”

This Poem is a Coffin

This poem is a coffin,Where my thoughts of youDie to live again. The words have beenWritten out of spiteAnd heartbreakLonging and tears. I dip my pen intoThe ink and beginA conversation withMyself and my dreams. I paint a picture of you,With adjectives and phrases,Lyrics that describe the beautyOf your smile and theRichness of your eyes.Continue reading “This Poem is a Coffin”

Autumn’s Last Lament

Summon me homeWhere my heart liesWith the misty morningsAnd solemn skies. Call me back to the placeWhere we shared our firstKiss,Underneath a frosted moonAnd you held me closeOn those chilly nights. Because now all I haveAre a collection of forgottenNames and hazy dreamsBlurring the edges of myMemory. I’ve gone into the labyrinthOf yesterday;Lost to theContinue reading “Autumn’s Last Lament”