The Poetry of Confessed Sins

From what I remember,This is how you fall in love. Not like a fairytale thatYou’re told at bedtime. Not how the love songsOn the radio describe. No, you fall in loveBecause you can’t sleepWithout them next to you. Hearing their heartbeatQuicken in their chest,Because of you. Laying in bed,Staring up at the ceiling,Sharing fears andContinue reading “The Poetry of Confessed Sins”

The Fire: Devoured & Ravished

When the sky fallsAnd the world burns,I want to be there to watchIt with you. I want to make loveWhen the moonMoves out of sight,In the sinister shadows,As the Earth smoldersUnder our feet. Because we are no longer afraidOf the pain that rages in our veins.We are no longer prey to those thatHave hurt us.WeContinue reading “The Fire: Devoured & Ravished”

The Fire That Burns at Midnight

You came out of the skyLike a moonbeam,Lighting up the hiddenParts of my mind.Giving way to the secretsI’ve kept only to myself. Like a ghost haunting meAnd consuming all of my thoughts,You possess everyPart of me,And it brings me to my knees. The want for you grows strongerIn my veins.The desire for your kissAnd yourContinue reading “The Fire That Burns at Midnight”