Danse Macabre II

Vanish into the MoonlightWith me, and let’s escapeFrom it all. Let’s rise from the shadows,Feel the rush of blood in our veins,And make the forest sing with ourMagick. I want to dance in thisMidnight menagerieOf fireflies and wolves,And hold you so closeThat you never have to say goodbye. When you’re not here,I long for yourContinue reading “Danse Macabre II”

Complete My Darkness

Tonight my pen weepsA collision of paragraphsAnd a cascade of memories.Born of dreamless nightsAnd mended hearts. I dip my quill in tears of madnessAnd write the loneliest words.Because love aches and burnsAnd I can’t stop thinkingAbout you. I am but a bottle of emotionsFilled to the brimWith our midnight echoesAnd sin.Ready to be opened andContinue reading “Complete My Darkness”