Midnight Phone Call

You know,I can’t see you without me.So…just tell me youLong for me,and I’m yours. Because I miss you when you’re gone.I miss you when you’re here.The timber of your voiceAnd the whispersAfter midnight,Keep me awake,Just thinking aboutWhat we could be. You are a part of me.Like the bones in my chest,Protecting my fragile heart.You areContinue reading “Midnight Phone Call”

The Lost Ones

I love you.I think I always have.But we’re no goodFor each other.We both know that. We keep fightingTo save a thingThat doesn’t needTo be saved.We keep tryingTo fix a thingThat can’t be fixed.We keep tryingTo resurrect a dying story. I am your dream.You are my nightmare.Together, we are dark fantasy.Trapped in a prisonOf our ownContinue reading “The Lost Ones”


She calls for her lover,From the depths of the water,Deep in the shadows Starved for his kiss,She smiles, Knowing the outcome. Oh, how she’s missed this. Each one of her suitors, Vastly different than the others. But just as tasty. The waves crash Against his boat And he sees her there. An Angel floating inContinue reading “Siren”

Valentine’s Day

My first, my last, my only.So cliché, but it’s true. The first person,I gave my secrets to.The last one who broke my heart.The only person to know the real me. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Because you made me see the real me.The me, that I could be without you.The strong me,Continue reading “Valentine’s Day”


I watched your eyes,As you spoke.They roved over everyBit of me. I felt the need,From across the room.I felt the desire,As you drank me in. Before I knew it,You were by my side.One hand around my waist,The other playing in my hair. I gasped at the intimacy of it.The closeness of you.The goosebumps raisingAlong myContinue reading “Need”


She sat in front of me in History class. Chocolate colored hair, that hung down her back in waves. She would look back at me and smile at me, with those grape chapstick lips. When she would turn away from me, her hair would flip and swish in my face. It smelled of strawberries. SheContinue reading “Class”

Night Before

The night before,the sky went dark.The moon disappeared,the stars dissolved.The night sounds faded,And the trees hushed. I was afraid, fear creeping along my skin. The cold hand of inevitability, tracing the veins up my neck. The air went still and the taste of it turned sour. Past events whizzed through my mind. The mistakes IContinue reading “Night Before”


Dear Lover, Silver rain pours down from dark, smokey clouds.Clinging to your glistening black hair, in long silver streaks. You wipe away my silver tears and kiss me softly on my lips; your warm hands pull me closer to your body to keep the chill away. I feel your heart beating next to mine, andContinue reading “Silver”


The rain is beating against my window.Coming down in frightening sheets.Dark clouds hang defiantly in the summer sky.It looks like midnight and daytime at the same time. The normally busy bustling street, slows to a snail’s pace.I watch as people run to nearby entryways, to stave off the sudden downpour. I watch as the littleContinue reading “Story”


Dear Lover,The stars called out to me tonight.They reached down from above,And whispered your name into my soul. They whispered dreams and wishes, I hadn’t even thought of yet.They filled me with warmth and visions of a future with you in it.They gave me hope. Later, I woke up in a daze and slick withContinue reading “Whispered”