Dying in the Moonlight

My mind wanders tonight.To the familiar placeBeyond the treesWhere we held each otherFor the first time. I sank so deeply intoYour arms that night,That I became addicted toThe sound of yourHeartbeat.Intoxicated by theRhythm of it.Entranced by Magick in it.I felt like I was dying in the moonlight,Only to live in your shine. You broke throughMyContinue reading “Dying in the Moonlight”

Wait For Me

Wait for meIn the heart of winterWhere the cold bears no grudgeAgainst our love. Meet me in the frozen forestAnd kiss me in the dying light.Encase our warmth in ice, eternal.Like lovers are born to do. My love, I can no longer sufferThe cruelty of goodbye.Or curse the dreaded memoryOf the last time, I heardContinue reading “Wait For Me”