Time and Shed Tears

The sun is risingAnd it is beautiful. Ra’s light shinesAnd illuminatesThe darkened depths ofMy psyche.Casting His lightUpon the echoOf your face. My mind isFixed on you.On a dream,On a memoryOf a past we’ve shared,Many lifetimes ago. Your soft timbre,Struck a cordAnd unlocked a pieceOf my life force,That I had long since forgotten.Bringing back musicalityTo myContinue reading “Time and Shed Tears”

Love, Art and the Eternal Flame

You are a work of art;Basquiat in your beauty. Your love like bountiful,And lovely as Shakespeare’sSummer’s day. You are my beloved,A treasure not conquered,But given to by the goddess,Herself. You are the rubies and emeraldsThat shine amongst the stars.You are the light-shine from myGlorious Lady. You kiss me with the lipsOf the most gentle Angel,AndContinue reading “Love, Art and the Eternal Flame”

Happy International Women’s Day

I wanted to share with you a few things about the most important woman in my life, my Grandma. She was an immigrant who came here in the 1950s and worked her ass off to be successful. She taught herself how to speak English and never looked back. After a pretty tragic upbringing, she andContinue reading “Happy International Women’s Day”

Roses and Gold

Dreams live in the dark,So cover me inGentle kissesAnd cure my feverish soul.Fill me with your delicateWords,And make me feelAs special as I knowI already am.Give me myCrown of roses and goldAnd make the stars rememberOur names. May our tongues meetWhere secrets are held.And our fingers traceWhere our moansMelt into.Take a taste;A drink of myContinue reading “Roses and Gold”

Drawn 2 You

There’s electricity in the air.A magnetic force of infinite love.Can you feel it? It’s Lunar Magick,And the full moon is high.The atmosphere crackles withPower and love and desire.It’s affecting every inch of me. Because of it,The hold you have on me,Is magnified.I can feel your controlOn the dips and wavesOf my heart.Your light brings myContinue reading “Drawn 2 You”

Crimson Kiss

Your darkness whispered to me. I stood thereAlone but not afraid.Because your words wereSmooth and soothingLike rich chocolateAnd bruised rose petals,Forming silvery wordsOf comfort in my mind. I stood there,In the time between day and night,Feeling your icy presence,Feeling unworthy of your love. Yet you spoke to me. Spoke to me of things I’ve toldContinue reading “Crimson Kiss”

One Last Kiss Goodbye

I had lost myself in the painOf forgotten dreams.I had lost myself in the darknessOf the night.But there you stood,On the threshold ofMy grave. Black roses in your handAnd dried tears on your cheeks.You were like smoke in mirrors.A welcomed apparition,Tasked with taking me home. My past burned in my mind.I was unable to letContinue reading “One Last Kiss Goodbye”

Memento Mori

A roll of the die,A wicked choice,A flip of the coinLeft for Fate to decide.Are we bonded for life?Souls mated in the hereafter?A contract signed before we wereStardust?My mind is a awash with mysteries. The questions go unanswered. I do know thatMy flame burns brighterWhen you’re near.My blood warms in my veins,At the thought ofContinue reading “Memento Mori”

Magick and Fire

You are the night,So cloak me with your stars.Breathe life back into me.Bathe me in your darknessAnd caress me with yourMidnight kisses.Fill me with your magick.Fill me with your fire. Because I love you so. You are vital to me.Like the blood in my veinsAnd the bones in my body.You are the sweetest nothingsIn myContinue reading “Magick and Fire”

Gods and Monsters

A divine interventionA meeting of two lost souls.Hopeless romantics,Tragic and doomed.What is this?Who are we? You are the antidote to the toxin flowing through my veins,Saving me, like you always do.The uncontrollable fire that melted thisFrozen heart,The one that keeps me warm on myColdest nights.A howling wolf to my pale moonlight,Lonely but never alone.Oh, howContinue reading “Gods and Monsters”