Nightmares in Paradise

Terrors lurk at midnightAnd loneliness grows in its stead,Yet I’m safe in this coffin of tears.Safe from the world outside. I hide from the future I fear,Chasing shadows of yesterday,Away from the uncertainty ofTomorrow.Away from what my life could be. But I see you in the mirror,With your hand outstretchedTo me.Your smile spreads across yourFace,AndContinue reading “Nightmares in Paradise”

Dangerous Ones: A Halloween Lullaby, Part 2

Where’s my mind?My heart?My soul? They lie with you,And the perilous pathWe seek. You are the other half of my sanity,The one that keeps me fromDrifting too high into the night. But for those that do not understand,Our love is dangerous,And so are we. We are the dangerousOnes,The nightmares in pretty headsThe whispers in theContinue reading “Dangerous Ones: A Halloween Lullaby, Part 2”

I Remember You: Part II

The rain has lost its soundAnd the wine its flavor.The moon has lost its glimmerAnd the air doesn’t taste asSweet. And the ache from the nightBefore serves as a reminderOf the love we shared. I touch my lipsAnd remember youThere.Remember your growlAgainst my ear.Remember your touchOn the small of my backAnd the way you setContinue reading “I Remember You: Part II”