The Silence of a Poet

Her tears bleed nakedInto the ink.Blurring the words and theLines together. The room is quiet,Just her jumbled thoughts,And the light scratchingOf pen to paper. ThinkingBreathingDying on the page. It is the silence of poetAnd the horror of herBroken heart thatSeeps into every phrase. She seeks absolutionShe seeks peace. Perhaps when she comes toThe end,She willContinue reading “The Silence of a Poet”

Ophelia’s Last Kiss

Oh, loveOh sweet tarnished Prince,Would that my loveCould cure yourFractured mindAnd my kissCould free yourAnguished heart,I would beg theHeavens,Once again,To take your painFrom you. I watch your descentInto madness,Helpless and afraid,But I feel I understandIt, more than most,And sympathize withYour fight against the Sun. Tragedy begets tragedyHeartbreak begets more.I know these trialsBecause I have witnessedThemContinue reading “Ophelia’s Last Kiss”

Eternity Tastes Like You

I dreamt of you last night.I heard your voice andFollowed it down the windingPath to your world.The darkness loomed over me,But your light lead my way. Bad Memories of the past,Would stop me in my tracks,Jolt my senses and make meWant to turn back.But, your voice,Like a Siren song,Filled me with peaceAnd lulled me backContinue reading “Eternity Tastes Like You”