Our Escape

I want to run away with you;Make our escape into the unknown.I want to make love,In every place, we flee to. Kiss under every shooting star.I want to caress every part of youAnd show you what you mean to me.I want to be wherever you are. We’re lost souls, you and I,Attracted to the wild.YearningContinue reading “Our Escape”

I Remember

I remember the stars were out that night.Lighting up the darkness,That wrapped around us.Your hand reached over to mine.And we sat in silence.The tension hung thickly in the air,Between us. Your head was tilted back,And your eyes were closed.I wondered where your mind had gone.Where had it taken you. But I knew. Deep in theContinue reading “I Remember”

Masterpiece and Blood

You have me addicted to your touch.Hooked on the way you look at meYou have pierced my soul.Penetrated my heartAnd impaled my very being. You have called down the moon,Brought the stars to my feet, andErased the clouds from the sky.With just a touch of your lips,I’m yours. A shadowy masterpiece.An illusion of what couldContinue reading “Masterpiece and Blood”

Insanity Loves Company

There’s something about you.You’re insanityWrapped up in a pretty package.The sweetest cup of poison. There’s something in your eyes.I know I should be afraid.But fear doesn’t course throughMy veins when I look at you. Because I know you.I know the one behindThe pretty smilesAnd the fake laughs.I know the real you.The one you hide fromContinue reading “Insanity Loves Company”

The Beautiful Rise of Medusa

Magnificent beyond all measure.She was loved by all who knew her.Adored by the one she worshipped.Her life was beautiful. But then the tides shifted.The waves turned ashen greyAnd brought forth a hurricaneOf blood and fire. When it took her,She tried to fight back,She tried to escape.But she found herself wrappedUp in its icy arms,Breathing inContinue reading “The Beautiful Rise of Medusa”

A Most Treacherous Love

I didn’t mean to or want to.Falling in love was a symptom of anIncurable ailment.The darkest of loves on the blackest of nights. Moonless and starless was this romance.It was doomed from the beginning.Cursed from the very start. Your wicked lips pressed to my neck,How could it be wrong?How could the taste of you beContinue reading “A Most Treacherous Love”


But tell me,how can I make you see,just how beautifuland strong you are? That even whenthings get tough,and you power through,you inspire me. Let me show you,just how specialyou really are.Let me take your breath away. I want you to see what I see.The raw power of your mind.The strength in your soul.The tenderness ofContinue reading “Beautiful”


Your sweet words turned to ash in my mouth.Every kiss, dripped with deceit.Your tongue is honey and poison. You are a liar and a fake.And so very good at it.But your touch is seared, in my memories.And I can’t help butTo want more. I hate you but I want you.You are a villain.


She sat in front of me in History class. Chocolate colored hair, that hung down her back in waves. She would look back at me and smile at me, with those grape chapstick lips. When she would turn away from me, her hair would flip and swish in my face. It smelled of strawberries. SheContinue reading “Class”


I didn’t want you to stay. But I never wanted you to leave. Your lips skim the apples of my cheeks and down to my neck. The little voice I’m the back of my head screams that you are dangerous. It screams that you’ll break my heart. Your fingers trace unspoken words down my bodyContinue reading “Untitled”