Love: A Winter’s Magick

A cold December’s morn
And I watch a single snowflake
Fall from the sky
And land lazily onto my cheek.
I sigh and a puff of wintry air
Forms, shapes, and then disappears.

The snow on the ground
Is so bright and so clean,
That it looks like an unfinished dream,
Some sort of unwritten, winter magick.

It’s so quiet in this frosty
Save for the beating of my lonely heart.
Because it’s just me,


Thinking about the lost days.
The days I try not to remember.
Intrusive thoughts are like that,
You know.
They barge their way in,
Like an uninvited guest and
Overwhelm you with their strength.

But from the back of my mind,
I hear a voice.
It’s so faint,
That it sounds
Like a whisper amongst the rushing
Water that is my thoughts.

It’s so small,
This lovely voice.
It’s so precious.
This delicate thing.

I begin to sort through the chaos
Of my busy mind.
Slashing away dark recollections,
Like I’m cutting through an
Amazonian jungle.
Clearing away one bad experience,
After another.
Forging a path through the brush
Of repressed memories.

I follow the voice,
Like a Siren song;
As it grows louder and louder
Until I come upon it.

I close my eyes and let it wash
Over me.
I let it ease my heartache
As it waves away the pain.

I listen to that voice
And follow it like a guiding star
Out of this madness.

Passed the hollow memories
And the grief,
That lay on the sides of my
Cleared path.

Passed the anguish and the misery.
Passed the memories I
Had locked away.

And when I open my eyes again,
Time has flown,
but I’m back in my wintry meadow.
With the moon shining on my face
And caressing my cheek,
Where the snowflake just was.

A tear falls
And I feel myself smile.
Because the tear is not of sadness.
It’s not of sorrow.
It’s of something else.

I think about that sweet song that
Saved me in my darkest hour.
That tiny, little voice,
That grew stronger and stronger.

Because it reminded me of something
I had long since forgotten about.

It reminded me of love
And the intensity of it.
It reminded me of grace
And the power of it.

It reminded me of you.


Art: Jumo.Art


Published by Kim V Poetry

I've always had a passion for writing. In this crazy world that we live in, I find my solace in made up words and make believe stories. Let's escape into the void and forget about it all just for a moment or two.

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