Of Fate and Magick

I hear your whispers in every sad
I feel your presence in every
Tear I shed.
I breathe in your scent in every memory
I hold.

The skies open up and the stars
Stream through,
And I know that you’re somewhere
Thinking about me.
My heart aches at the distance,
But in my dreams,
We are together.
Flourishing and breathing
Light and dark into the void.

Secret wishes uttered over
Scatter to the wind,
That carries my voice
Across the sky;
And lands like butterfly
Kisses on your cheek.

The pain of separation
And the death of our
Cursed love,
Stays in the chambers of my heart,
Like amber poison on my skin.

But all is not lost.

I’ve seen the future
In my broken, desecrated crystal ball;
And before me stands
The divine image of you.

Outstretched hand
And fiery gaze,
You welcome me to
Our home in the Underworld.
No more pain.
No more tears.
No longer here in
The quiet space of my mind,
Without you.

Of Blood and Bone,
Fate and Magick,
Our separate paths are linked
In the shadows beyond
The mountains.
In the depths of the sea.

Like the universe spread before
Our story is unending.
Our story is everlasting.
Our story is infinite.
Our story is incomplete.

I love you.

Art: Unknown


Published by Kim V Poetry

I've always had a passion for writing. In this crazy world that we live in, I find my solace in made up words and make believe stories. Let's escape into the void and forget about it all just for a moment or two.

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