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Cruel Summer

Bonfires and moonlight.
The taste of salt in the air
And the stars lighting up the night sky.
Memories of those hot nights
And even hotter days,
Emblazoned in my mind.

I still feel you next to me,
The heat of your skin
And the coolness of your
Like a scar that doesn’t fade,
Your love was like a slice
Across my heart.

Sunsets and fireflies
Bring back the very thought
Of your eyes burning a hole
Through the very soul of me.
I felt your love and lust
Before you could even utter
My name.

I miss you more than words
Could ever say.
More than the rush of adrenaline
Through my body when you’re
More than the sweet taste of your
More than the soft timbre of your voice,
When you whispered dirty wishes
In my ear.

It’s going to be a cruel, cruel summer
without you.


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