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Always, Forever, You

I’ve told you this
Before ,
But, In the end
It would always
Be you,
My beloved.

How you shine
Your divine light
On every
Inch of me;
Bathing me in your

I can hear you
Speak my name
Through the breeze,
When I’m alone.

It surrounds me,
Like a cacophony
Secret echoes,
Whispering my dreams
And fantasies.

Bringing me to that
Heated moment,
In the place
Where only the two of us

The slow kisses
And lingering touches.
The way our
Bodies and minds
Fit together,
Liked we were
Shaped in the mud

And into your
Gentle hands
I take the leap.
Let your fingers
Traipse over the
Hidden parts of
My love;
To heal me from my
Broken heart
And ease my wounded

My beloved,
It could only be you.

Only that voice,
Only those eyes,
Could make the Heavens
Beg for rain,
And the ocean welcome it.

Art: Skull Heads

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