And with a wicked
Prayer on my lips
And a taste of love
Of my tongue,
I gift myself to you.
Mind and body,
Secrets and memories.
I give you the darkest
Parts of me,
To shine your light
And make me whole.

You see,
I was made for it.
Born for it.
Shaped by the universe
And bound to it.
My path is fixed
With you in my sights.
You are the adventure
And the flame.
The one I plan
To conquer.
Your heart.
Your voice.
Your love
Are all mine.

As the seconds tick
By on the forever clock,
My love for you grows
And grows.
The need for your
And the comfort
Of your kiss,
Make me to know
The secrets of the sun.
And I take pleasure in it.

Art: Skull Heads


Published by Kim V Poetry

I've always had a passion for writing. In this crazy world that we live in, I find my solace in made up words and make believe stories. Let's escape into the void and forget about it all just for a moment or two.

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