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The stars are out tonight.
Lighting up the darkness.
Your hand reaches over to mine.
We sit in silence.
Not everything has to be said.

The moon shines as bright as the sun.
I look over at you and smile.
Your head tilted back, and your eyes are closed.
I wonder where you’ve gone.
Where did your mind just take you?

The night sounds are our soundtrack.
The crickets singing and the noise of the distant train, barreling down the tracks, fills the air.

You open your eyes and a soft sigh escapes your lips.
I don’t ask. You’ll tell me, if you want.
You look over at me, take my face into your hands, and leave the smallest kisses on both of my cheeks.

The slight breeze around us, ruffles your hair, and goosebumps ripple down your flesh.
You wrap your arm around mine, as we look down at the city lights below us.

We sit in silence for a bit more, before I gather you in my arms, and squeeze you tight.
I want this moment to last forever.
But for now, in this moment, we are here.
And nothing could take that away.

I love you.

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