Poetry · Writing


The empty room
Beckons us to enter.
I follow your lead, for now.

You walk to the window,
and draw the curtains.
I lock the door, and
Place the “Do Not Disturb” sign in front of it.

The tension is thick
Between the two of us.
The electricity in the air, crackles.

We join together in the middle of the room.
Your hand skims my collarbone,
Sliding the silky strap off my shoulders.
My breath hitches.

You take your time,
Peeling my clothing off,
Until I stand before you.
The way the Goddess made me.

You lift my chin and your lips graze it lazily, as your other hand presses my body against yours.
The heat radiating from every pore.
I shiver.

You trail your kisses down the planes of my body, and the goosebumps raise all over.
Slowly you drop to your knees in front of me, like a Knight in front of his Queen.

Our eyes lock, before you begin.
There’s fire there.
There’s need.
There’s so much,
That cannot be defined.

And yet, I lean my head back, and words dribble from my lips,
as you kiss and craft your work.
Fireworks ensue, pleasures unlocked,
And I can’t breathe.
This is more than foreplay.
This is art and I am your Masterpiece.

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