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The Unsent Letter: The One You’ll Never See

Dear Lover,

I have lived in your orbit,
For so long.
My heart grows heavier each day,
As like turns to love.
Love turns to…

The days are long, growing into
Painfully slow evenings.
You tell me goodbye,
And that you’ll see me tomorrow.
My heart aches, when you do.

You say you feel alone.
But I hope after tonight that,
instead you’ll feel joy.
Feel joy in knowing that someone,
Out here, in this dark cold world,
Has you in their heart.

That at the end of the day,
When you’re down on your luck,
And have had the worst of all days.
That there is someone you can depend on.

Take comfort in knowing that I will be there for you.
I will love you and listen to you vent.
I will laugh with you or cry for you.
I will just be there.

So, when you close your eyes tonight,
I hope you think of me
and smile.

I love you. I always have.

But you’ll never know. Because you’ll never see this letter.

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