Poetry · Writing


You looked at me and knew me.
Knew me in a way that no one else ever had.
Spoke my secrets to me, like you’d known me forever.

Antidote to the poison coursing through my veins.
Sunlight to warm my pale, cold face.
A sunrise to my sunset.

Your kiss like a whisper of smoke, trailing along my neck.
Your words like honey in my mouth.

You told me the world would cease, but that you’d be by my side.
You’d be there when the planets crashed into each other; and the moon shattered like glass.
You would be there when the stars fell from the heavens like rain.

You eased my fears.
Stroked my soul.
You took my hand and kissed my lips.
I heard your voice in my dream.
Telling me that you’ll love me until the end.
Then the next day, I watched the world burn.


Kim V. Poetry

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