Poetry · Writing


Love, always out of reach for me,
Burns on my tongue,
When you’re near.
You change the way I wonder,
The way I dream and think.

Yesterday seems like ages ago.
But your kisses on my fingertips, wake my inspiration.
And all I see is paradise.

Your soulful eyes, are almost criminal.
Begging me to be reckless.
Urging me to drown in your light.

Tomorrow seems so far away.
Like an unshakable burden clamped around my throat.
Unshed tears lie in wait, for the pain that may never come.
An unbroken heart, steadies itself for the unforeseen torture.

Yet today, I breathe your scent in freely.
Victorious in your arms.
I live in the warmth of your smile.
Whilst fighting the coldness of my demons away.

Waiting for the ending that may never happen,
You lift my chin and meet my eyes with yours.
And in your eyes, I see forever.
In your eyes, I see paradise.

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