I was born in Virginia and raised in Texas by my grandparents. I’m a Navy Veteran, who decided to follow in my father and grandfather’s footsteps and serve my country. I write dark romantic poetry and short stories.

I am currently working on my first Romance/Supernatural Series, At the End of the World: The Vampire/Nephilim Saga, with more Poetry collections on the horizon. You can follow me on all my social media platforms, for the latest on my new poems, collections, and novel!

What People Say

A gorgeous, melancholic collection of poetry that will have you aching and full of desire for a love that once was blooming and fertile. Kim does a fantastic job of pulling the reader through the depths of her passions and relationships. The flashbacks and memories are so raw that it feels as if one is experiencing heartbreak right along with her. This lovely, yet somber book of poetry is a must have for those that have ever loved and lost. She is an incredible writer that hauntingly puts into words the eternal bruises of heartache.


Kim V. Poetry writes with such a simple elegance that you can’t help but get caught up in her emotions. When she writes about feeling the ghost of her lover’s lips on hers, you can actually feel them on your own. And when as too often happens where passion is involved, her lover leaves her, you can feel the ache rise from her soul.

If you’re looking for poetry that speaks to love/passion/loss, I can’t recommend this book strongly enough.

Lisa M

A beautiful collection of poems on one of the most universal subjects; love. It leaves you with a sense of yearning and longer. There is a great teaser at the end, something worth looking forward to! Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.


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