Midnight in Your Soul

I don’t want a fairytale;
With bright cherry blossoms
And sunshine.

I want the dark, shadowy moments
When you’re at your most

I want your nightmares
And your moonlight.

Leave the sunset in your eyes,
Because I want to see the
Midnight in your soul.

I want to sleep forever
In your arms,
And wake by your side
In the Underworld.

Feel the coolness
Of its caverns on my skin.

Because for your love,
I would travel all of its
Realms to find you,
Kiss you
And make you mine.

I imagine your lips
Must be what ambrosia
Or pomegranate seeds
Taste like.

Much like what damned
Persephone to hell.

And who wouldn’t want to
Be damned,
When a kiss tastes as good
As yours.

I want to bathe
In the cold December
Of your touch,
And drown in the fiery July
Of it every night.

You are the culmination
Of all my sins
Some of which I do not
Seek forgiveness for.

My love,
You are both
Predator and prey
And I long to feel
Your fangs pierce
My heart,
And submit to only

Art: “Can You Love Me Forever,” Chris Peters Art
Prompts: Bright, Cherry Blossoms #loveletters @wilder_rose_

Published by Kim V Poetry

I've always had a passion for writing. In this crazy world that we live in, I find my solace in made up words and make believe stories. Let's escape into the void and forget about it all just for a moment or two.

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