In my sorrow
And my shame,
I’ve shut myself off
From the world.
Locked in an endless
Loop of sadness.
Trying to break free.
But I spied a glimmer of Hope
In the roof of my self-imposed prison.
A tiny light, threatening to break through.
I heard its voice
Calling my name.
I felt my blood react
To the sound.
Like a Siren calling out to lost Sailors,
I will follow it to freedom.
Hope will save me today.
But tonight, I’ll jail myself
With my loneliness
And fear.
Hide in my tears and pain.
Because it’s what I’ve always done,
When life becomes too overwhelming.
When life becomes too large to control.
I fritter away into the shadows.
Unable to share joy with others.
But when the night comes
And my chest is sore from crying,
I’ll hear the song again.
I’ll look up and Hope will be there.
Willing me to follow her.
Beckoning me to embrace what may come.
I’ll follow Hope out of my cell tonight.
She will light my path.
Maybe this time, will be different.
Perhaps this time, I will be different.
This time I will let Hope bring me home.

Kim V. Poetry

But I spied a glimmer of hope…

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