The Unsent Letter: The One You’ll Never See

Dear Lover, I have lived in your orbit,For so long.My heart grows heavier each day,As like turns to love.Love turns to… The days are long, growing intoPainfully slow evenings.You tell me goodbye,And that you’ll see me tomorrow.My heart aches, when you do. You say you feel alone.But I hope after tonight that,instead you’ll feel joy.FeelContinue reading “The Unsent Letter: The One You’ll Never See”


Surrender yourself to me. Just let all the tears go.Let me take you away from the places that makes you afraid. I’ll take my time with it.Go slow with it.And show you what love is really like. Give me your soul, your mind, your body.Give me your past and your pain. Conscious meeting the subconscious.SparksContinue reading “Surrender”