Stay with me tonight.Let me hold you.Take your heartbreak away.Kiss you until the sun comes up. Let me sing you to sleep.As the stardust falls on ourBodies.Your pain dying in the moonlight.Just one kiss before dying. Let me love you.Let me take away your pain. Stay with me tonight.Let me wipe away your tears.Let meContinue reading “Stay”


You make me out to be theVillain.But you love it.I don’t rhyme,There’s no flowery words here.I say what I want. Because we’re running out time.Can’t break it down.Can’t stop it.Can’t bring it to heel.Time doesn’t wait for us.Neither can I.So just say it. Tell me I’m on your mind.Tell me how you wish we wereContinue reading “Time”


I watched your eyes,As you spoke.They roved over everyBit of me. I felt the need,From across the room.I felt the desire,As you drank me in. Before I knew it,You were by my side.One hand around my waist,The other playing in my hair. I gasped at the intimacy of it.The closeness of you.The goosebumps raisingAlong myContinue reading “Need”