Lovers to strangersI don’t dwell on the past,But it hurts like hell. How cold are you?How could you?How can I still believe? The moon rises and fallsAnd I’m still here,Loving you,Needing you,Missing you. It’s because of you,It’s for you.It’s all you. My tears,My fears,My heartbreak. I can’t comprehendHow we came toThis place.But I’ll let youGo.Continue reading “Untitled”


Full moon,Dangerous tonight.Unwrapped and unscathed. Then there’s you.Lips, ocean eyes,Desirable and pleading. It’s all I can think about.I am nervesAnd fear.You are darkAnd dangerous.Heartbreak waitingTo happen. I’m afraid.A fraud.My eyes give me away.Fixated on you.Luscious and tempting. You were made for me.


It’s the way you plead, “I need you,” When I’ve had enough. It’s the way I can feel your heart breaking, when you say those words. It’s the way I can see the pain In your eyes, when I walk away. It’s the way you finally realized you loved me, when it was too late.Continue reading “Heartbreak”