Heartbreaks and Chocolate Dreams

They were gone beforeI opened my eyes.The one withthe chocolate kisses. Laid on the grass,Under the stars.Calling out their names.Waiting for a shooting star.Wishing. They kissed me then.Dragged awisp of my unruly hairOut of my eyes.They tasted likechocolate dreams.Beautiful. Real is surreal.I think, when I awake alone.Were they even here at all?I panic.Rejection flooding myContinue reading “Heartbreaks and Chocolate Dreams”

Heartbreaks and the Universe

She said the universeIs listening.It’s watching and waiting.Observing our triumphs,And our fears.It feels our pain.And with an invisible hand,Wipes away our tears. When it seems thatWe’ve had enough,The universe speaks,from beyond the void.It wraps their invisibleArms around us and holds us close. Whispers softy into our earsThey turns us around leadsus back to our correctContinue reading “Heartbreaks and the Universe”

Heartbreaks and Loneliness

She sleeps.She wakes.The painIs crushing.She looksfor her lover,But they’re notThere. She sleeps.She wakes.She cries.The lonelinessIs suffocating.Memories ofStolen kisses,Ghosts on her lips. She sleeps.She wakes.She dreams.To be in theirArms once again.