Flowers That Never Bloomed

And there I was,At the stroke of midnight,My empty heart was still bleedingAnd my tears were still falling,When I saw you. You were ambling through theVines,Drifting through the nightBewildered and afraid. I, myself, had walked aimlesslyThrough that garden of flowersThat never bloomed. Felt its stagnant air ofHeartache swirl around meFor so long,That when lonelinessBecame myContinue reading “Flowers That Never Bloomed”

Color My Bones

I’m not afraid of the journey.The fight or the struggle. For you,I would survive the desert dawn,The heat and the fire. Because you numbed my brain,When the memories were tooOverwhelming. And you kissed my scarsWhen I couldn’t look in mirror. You helped me escapeMy nightmare road,That was terrifying andUnending. I’ve loved the darkestParts of you.Continue reading “Color My Bones”

Fragile Beauty

I am under no midnight illusions.For I know where my heart lies. It doesn’t lie in the sunlightOr in a valley of lilies. There are no pretty princesFor caged princesses here. There’s dangerAnd wickedness. There’s wintry nightsAnd summer shade. Because I am sin,Cloaked in mulberry twilight. I am despair,Dressed in delicateDahlias. I have been weakAndContinue reading “Fragile Beauty”