Lovestruck betweenThe pages of the dark romance,You’ve written for me. I fall in love with each word,And hang on to every phrase. With a stroke of your pen,You’ve bled our soulsOnto every stanza,And dipped your quillIn our blackest shadows. You’ve written my secretsIn various colors of lightAnd dark.Illustrated my sadnessAnd my triumphs,Like you lifted thoseContinue reading “LoveStruck”

I’ll Never Forget

I fight every day againstMy mind’s frailties.Holding onto silken memories,In my head.They’re like postcards from nowhere,With your face etched in. Moments of a past livedIn Spring mornings andSummer nights. Moments like the first timeWe said, “Hello.” I feel them fleetingAs each day passesAnd I try to hold ontoThe fragments of them. Grasping at the edgesLikeContinue reading “I’ll Never Forget”

My Favorite Kind of Madness

Our story is a dark fairytaleWith tragic beginnings. A mythical loveWith moments of woeAlong the way. Cursed, fated,Bewitched and star crossed,We’ve had losses, incomparableAnd tears of hope. We are in each other’s blood,Angel of mine.Fully ingrained in each other’sNightmares,As a beacon of safety,A place of refuge. We have endured so muchPain,You and I. That IContinue reading “My Favorite Kind of Madness”