A Little Whisper

It begins where all stories begin.With a thought.A hopeful idea.A little whisper after the moon rises. But as the clock ticksAnd the hours fly by,The whisper becomes a voice,So clear,So rich,So true. It tells me of things I want to hear.Things I’ve fantasized about.Things I’ve asked the moon for. It tells me of you. TheContinue reading “A Little Whisper”

Love: A Winter’s Magick

A cold December’s mornAnd I watch a single snowflakeFall from the skyAnd land lazily onto my cheek.I sigh and a puff of wintry airForms, shapes, and then disappears. The snow on the groundIs so bright and so clean,That it looks like an unfinished dream,Some sort of unwritten, winter magick. It’s so quiet in this frostymeadow,SaveContinue reading “Love: A Winter’s Magick”

A Christmas Wish

There’s nothing but me and the starsTonight. The sky is so dark,As it blankets the hemisphere. My blessed moon watches over me,Lovingly,Tenderly;She knows where my thoughts lie. I exhale a deep breath,Not knowing that I’ve been holdingIt for awhile.It turns to icy vapors as it leaves myLips and hangs there for a moment,Before it disappears.Continue reading “A Christmas Wish”

December Moon Heartbreaks

The waning December moon begsMe to let you go. And my heart is breaking for it. She tells me what my mind senses.That you’re no good for me.But my soul doesn’t feel that way,Though.It cries out for you and your slowTouches and deep moans. She knows me better than you do.But like I’ve said soContinue reading “December Moon Heartbreaks”

Without You

Because me without you,Is wrong and incomplete. You see,Our story beginsAt the meeting place betweenWorlds.Between the stars and the horizon.Where the oceans meet theShorelines.Where the universe starts itsGrim fairytale and where myDark heart finishes it. I saw you across the cerulean waves,Under the light of the waxing moon,And you offered me a new life;An eternalContinue reading “Without You”

Crimson Kiss

Your darkness whispered to me. I stood thereAlone but not afraid.Because your words wereSmooth and soothingLike rich chocolateAnd bruised rose petals,Forming silvery wordsOf comfort in my mind. I stood there,In the time between day and night,Feeling your icy presence,Feeling unworthy of your love. Yet you spoke to me. Spoke to me of things I’ve toldContinue reading “Crimson Kiss”

One Last Kiss Goodbye

I had lost myself in the painOf forgotten dreams.I had lost myself in the darknessOf the night.But there you stood,On the threshold ofMy grave. Black roses in your handAnd dried tears on your cheeks.You were like smoke in mirrors.A welcomed apparition,Tasked with taking me home. My past burned in my mind.I was unable to letContinue reading “One Last Kiss Goodbye”

Of Fate and Magick

I hear your whispers in every sadSong.I feel your presence in everyTear I shed.I breathe in your scent in every memoryI hold. The skies open up and the starsStream through,And I know that you’re somewhereThinking about me.My heart aches at the distance,But in my dreams,We are together.Flourishing and breathingLight and dark into the void. SecretContinue reading “Of Fate and Magick”

Memento Mori

A roll of the die,A wicked choice,A flip of the coinLeft for Fate to decide.Are we bonded for life?Souls mated in the hereafter?A contract signed before we wereStardust?My mind is a awash with mysteries. The questions go unanswered. I do know thatMy flame burns brighterWhen you’re near.My blood warms in my veins,At the thought ofContinue reading “Memento Mori”

Love: A Simple Wish

I could love you more. More than the sunsetsAnd all the sunrises,In all the realms.More than the MoonSmiling down sweetlyOn my Shadow self. I could love you more. More than dewdropsOn sleepy roses in the SpringtimeAnd more than the rainDripping lazily down my cheeks. I could love you more. More than the mountains sighingIn theContinue reading “Love: A Simple Wish”