Too Sad to Cry

I press playAnd the songFills the air. I close my eyesAnd I hear her quivering voiceSet lyrics to my memories. The stirring melody mixed with theLavender and rose incenseWafting through my room,Bring all of my emotionsTo the forefront. But just like she,ā€œIā€™m too sad to cry.ā€ Lost moments floodMy mind;Images of you and IAnd blissfulContinue reading “Too Sad to Cry”

Lovers Never Die

I fell in loveWith a memory. A memory of cold nightsMade warm. I fell in love withPast thoughts;Beautiful dreams,I wished to come true. I fell in love withThe softer sideOf your demons.Because their secretsSpoke to my own. You see,I am just a simpleCreature,Craving love andAffection.Gentleness andUnderstanding. A simple creatureWhose shadowsAre darker thanAny rescuing lightCould shineContinue reading “Lovers Never Die”


You helped meGet away from here. Helped me escapeFrom hellTo the beautyOf nightfall. You led me away fromMy cemetery ofBad memories.To a place much likeHeaven. You took my coldHand and pressed itTo your heart,And I felt, for the first time,What love truly felt like. I let my guard down,Tore the walls aroundMy soul apart,Piece byContinue reading “Escape”