Toes tingling, walking along the hot sand.Hands clasped together,Sharing secrets and other things. I wonder could you be mine? The cool breeze licking my skin.Your eyes drinking me in, with the promise of something more.Sitting around the bonfire and your kisses taste like honey. After tonight, I wonder will you be mine? The fullness ofContinue reading “Untitled”


Wondering where you are tonight. Are you thinking of me too? Wondering where you are tonight. I sit here wishing I can touch your face again. Wondering where you are tonight. My heart and soul still ache for you. Wondering where you are tonight. My tears still fall for you. So I’ll meet you inContinue reading “Wondering”


Too busy wondering how your lips taste, to wonder if you’re a villain. But I’m drawn to you. Of this there is no doubt.You have me questioning myself. I never do that. Too busy taking in the sound of your voice, to pray that you’re not a villain. But there is something about you thatContinue reading “Villain”