The smell of you on my sheets, Lingers long after you’re gone. Dancing in the shadows of my mind. Unlocking the forbidden corners of my memory. You are the salve to ease my pain. The balm to soothe my shredded soul.I am a sinner and you have saved my spirit. Your eyes, your mouth, theContinue reading “Cure”


She was smoke in the trees.Found me in the ashes of the chaos. Swept the dust from my broken body. Gave me a reason to breathe again. She was the light that illuminated my path. She was a whisper in the forest, that only I could hear. Brought me back to life as only aContinue reading “Smoke”


Tasting you has my life shook. The smell of you. The warmth of your skin on mine. The hold you have over me, From the power of your eyes, To the tender touch of your hand. You bring fire to my soul. A deep fascination for my unworthy heart. I’m in need of a fix.Continue reading “Shook”