Do Not Disturb

Kiss me thereLike you did before.On the balcony,Overlooking the ocean. Drowning in your touches,Lavishing my attentionon your body,Like I’m starved for it. Our bodies come together,Like waves crashing alongThe shoreline.Passionate and violent. Swimming in your love,Like it’s a vacation.I take my time, set the pace.Visiting all of theuncharted places of your body. Place the signContinue reading “Do Not Disturb”


I didn’t believe in magic,Until you walked in. The world was dark, cold.It was an empty nightmare. The room shook,When you stepped in.My life changed in that moment. The air crackled around you.Your eyes set on mine,And my heart stopped. No more pain.No more tears.No more waking up alone. You’ve made me a believer.

Heartbreaks and Missed Kisses

She asks, “What do you miss the most?” “The kisses,” I reply, lightly running a thumb over my mouth. “I miss the touch of their lips on mine.” The heartbreak, hurt. The pain of living without them , hurts worse. The touch of their hand on my lower back, The feel of their body onContinue reading “Heartbreaks and Missed Kisses”