Never Enough

There’s a chill in the airAnd the stars are out tonight The moonlight kissesMy skin,Drinks me in,And envelopes me whole. I can feel you all around me.Your warm glow,On every inch of me.The pleasure of your kiss.The pain when you’reGone.I feel it all.I feel all of you. The breeze nips at my skin,And I rememberContinue reading “Never Enough”

Love: A Simple Wish

I could love you more. More than the sunsetsAnd all the sunrises,In all the realms.More than the MoonSmiling down sweetlyOn my Shadow self. I could love you more. More than dewdropsOn sleepy roses in the SpringtimeAnd more than the rainDripping lazily down my cheeks. I could love you more. More than the mountains sighingIn theContinue reading “Love: A Simple Wish”

Dangerous Ones: A Halloween Lullaby

We are the dangerous ones. The ones who dance under a blanket of stars and sing to the Moon.No need for a savior,Our sins are balancedOn the scales of Justice,And they outweigh everyOunce of good left in us.No Saints need apply,Because we are the dangerousOnes;The ones no longer afraid of theMonsters lurking in our memories.Continue reading “Dangerous Ones: A Halloween Lullaby”


Your sweet words turned to ash in my mouth.Every kiss, dripped with deceit.Your tongue is honey and poison. You are a liar and a fake.And so very good at it.But your touch is seared, in my memories.And I can’t help butTo want more. I hate you but I want you.You are a villain.

Dark Desires

It’s the pain of loving you.You and the darkest desires ofMy heart.It’s the way you call my name,When I touch you.It’s the way you plead for more,When I take you.It’s the way your voice trembles,Before you cum.You need me.You want me.You crave me.You belong to me,In every way.